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25th March 2018 
About Me #01

I have been working as a massage therapist for 6 years. I believe in treating each client as an individual and will tailor treatment to you. I also believe in a holistic approach to therapy, as the body is an amazing multi-functional organism that is always best treated as such, often an injury or stress will effect us much more completely than we may realise.

I am trained as an Instructor in Baby Massage and belive that this is a powerful tool any parent can use and has so many benefits. I am also a trained instructor with the 'Massage in Schools Association' promoting and teaching peer-to-peer massage in schools.

Having worked for many years in the demanding and stressful job of managing Restaurants in both Bristol and London, I suffered from a period of depression and severe anxiety. Although I was prescribed anti-depressents I wanted to find a more natural way to manage my condition and having had massage previously I sought it out again in the hope that it may help. The effects of this were more than I could have hoped for and inspired me to train in the field. I became fascinated with the human body, how it works, and the connection between the physical and emotional. I believe we become so far removed from ourselves in our lives these days and massage allows us time to stop and be present 'in the moment', also it feels fantastic!

Massage is based on touch - the most fundamental of human needs. It is probably one of the oldest healing therapies known to man and is an extension of a very basic instinct shown in animals and humans alike, animals groom each other, lick wounds, humans rub themselves when hurt.