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25th March 2018 


Full Body Massage...40
A 1 hour full body treatment tailored totally around your needs and wants.
On your first visit we will talk about exactly what it is you want to get out of treatment as well as any specific issues you have been having. You will then recieve an hour of treatment designed just for you.

Half Body Massage...25
As above, but a 30 minute treatment, ideal for those specific injuries, aches and pains.

Head and Scalp Massage...25
A half hour treatment, may also be added to a full or half body session.

Face and Neck Massage...30
A half hour treatment, may also be added to a full or half body session.

Baby Massage...8 per session
A course of 3 classes over 3 weeks.
A small class, where you will learn and participate in massaging your baby in a friendly, informal environment.
Massage has so many benefits for your little one;
aids in bonding and can prevent/relieve post natal depression,
relieves symptoms of colic, gas and constipation,
calms the nervous system leading to more restful sleep,
strengthens and regulates the digestive, respitory and circulatory systems
I also offer one-on-one sessions for 30 for 2/3 sessions as required

Group day for Mums & Babies...25 p/adult
A full day for 3 to 6 mums and babies, the day will start with a baby massage class followed by a 20 minutes back and shoulder massage for each mum, while the others watch over your little one. A Real Treat for All!!

Your treatment will be tailored to suit your wants and needs after our initial consultation.

A surcharge may be added for home visits.